2 thoughts on “Wake Up (2014-2015)

  1. […] Kelsy Gossett‘s Wake Up collection paperwork a tepid area between dwelling and sleep, punctuated by the confused, scared or weak feelings of the individuals she is photographing. Kelsy pictures couples, people, and pals of their most secure area of recuperation: their mattress. The bed room is political;, it’s the place the person crafts their id, cultivates a dwelling area and plasters their character. In Wake Up, Kelsy seeks to the touch on these parts, however extra importantly, seize the second of intimacy that happens between individuals after waking. The second after waking could possibly be dictated because the one the place we, as a topic, are maybe most weak. Our feelings are sometimes unsettled and considerably altered by the dream lands we might have simply been visiting. […]


  2. […] Kelsy Gossett‘s Wake Up series documents a tepid space between living and sleep, punctuated by the confused, scared or vulnerable emotions of the people she is photographing. Kelsy photographs couples, individuals, and friends in their safest space of recuperation: their bed. The bedroom is political;, it is where the individual crafts their identity, cultivates a living space and plasters their personality. In Wake Up, Kelsy seeks to touch on these elements, but more importantly, capture the moment of intimacy that occurs between people after waking. The moment after waking could be dictated as the one where we, as a subject, are perhaps most vulnerable. Our emotions are often unsettled and somewhat altered by the dream lands we may have just been visiting. […]


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